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Redefining the meaning of very healthy in the USA – someone with a chronic disease taking prescription drugs

You have probably heard people calling 40 the new 20.

Well the same thing is happening in health according to a new survey coming out of the USA from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

Of the 4000 people polled,

* Most — 87.5 percent — describe themselves as being in “excellent” or “very good” health.

* But 54 percent have been diagnosed with one or more chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

* 31 percent take one prescription drug, 22 percent take two prescription drugs a day and 47 percent take three or more prescription medicines daily.

Ignorance and delusion its seems knows no bounds.

Update – June 2013

Just seen the latest update in the scientific blogging site – the 31% who were taking one prescription drug has increased to almost 70% in just 3 years. Now more than 50% are taking two (up from 22%). Are we measuring the same thing, is American health collapsing, has big pharma won the war.

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