Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom to save the human race

One of the by-products of modernity and the notion of constant progress is that Traditional ideas have been discarded for the new. In the Modern world view, reductive science is the measuring stick by which we make sense of the world – we know and we believe because we can measure and experiment. If we can’t measure and verify under controlled conditions we reject. 


The unintended consequence of making sense of the world this way is that we exclude anything that we can’t objectively measure and quantify – anything subjective is invalid. 


In the medical world the consequence is that we have a medical system that rejects the role of thoughts and emotions on health because they can’t be measured. Any talk of an energy system that can’t be measured is rejected. The end result is we treat what we can measure and that is the external manifestation of disease – the symptoms. The “hidden” causes of the disease remain untreated.


 In the economic world the consequence is that we have the free-market system that externalises costs. The present result of this world view is that we have built ourselves an unsustainable economic model. We are destroying our ecological support base and claiming that this model is a success story that the rest of the world should embrace. For example, global commercial fish stocks are projected to be zero by 2050. We are loosing ecosystem services from forests at the rate of $2-$5T p.a. and rising – this is two to three times the size of the projected losses of the current economic meltdown.

Who are we to look to for leadership to extricate ourselves from the mess we are in? The leaders of this world – politicians and business people – are locked into a view of the world that rewards them for short term “profits”. The “rules” of the system reward behaviours that deliver short term “benefits” at the cost of the destruction of the asset base that delivers them.

Clearly we need a new way to look at the world if we are to come out of this one alive as a species. This means that we have to reconsider our place in the world and how it works. Reductionism has failed as a model.  We need models that include the complexity and the interconnectedness of the planet and the whole universe. We need models that place humans in the larger system of Nature, as part of the system and dependant on it for survival. We need models that take into account the long term.


Our health and the health of our planet are at stake. My opinion is that the roots of our new human health problems and the health of the planet are connected. We will be unable to heal the planet if we cannot heal ourselves. We need to find a way to live in harmony with our own individual natures as well as with larger Nature.


 Our major diseases in the western world are now self created “chronic diseases” – the product of living a lifestyle and eating food that our bodies were not evolved to cope with. We are suffering from an intelligence failure. We do not understand our own natures and how we work. As a result we don’t know how to live in harmony with ourselves.


In my opinion there are existing models of the universe, the world and life that can help us understand ourselves and the world and live in harmony with it. These are the models of Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the like. However most of these models have been discarded  by modernity because of their antiquity and their lack of scientific validation. Famous scientists like Richard Dawkins have written them off as Mumbo Jumbo. Yet Richard Dawkins is wrong. His blind faith in the validity of scientific research as indisputable truth is not born out by John Ioannisis’s work that has demonstrated that most published research findings are false.


As it turns out subjects like evolutionary biology and genetics are changing the way that scientists think. It is no longer a case of Nature vs Nurture. It is now Nature via Nurture. These scientists are rediscovering the principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine (and even Jyotish) without knowing it.


One of my interests is to facilitate the reclamation of ancient wisdom for the good of all species.


Every day on the internet I see stories about new discoveries that are really only rediscoveries of the principles of Yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Most of the time these stories make no reference to these traditional systems as the source of their inspiration.


The result of this failure to connect scientifically validated rediscovery with ancient wisdom is that we take longer to join the dots. 


My view is that we will eventually rediscover Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine because they are more accurate models of how the world works than reductive science. In modern science speak they are complex adaptive systems models.

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